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“Your First 100 Tagalog Sentences”

It’s so free, you don’t even need to give me your email address for it!

Here it is mga kaibigan! Just click the link or the picture of the overcrowded jeepney to download it.



I swear on my two front teeth this e-book is not trying to sell you anything, nor does it contain any marketing links, nor does it have any form of malware. Please feel free to hunt me down and punch out my two front teeth if it does. =)

I wrote this free e-book so that the Tagalog learner can have an enjoyable no BS phrasebook to learn Tagalog and have something to take along his or her travels to the Philippines!

I’m a total phrase book junkie. I like phrasebooks so much I had to write my own for one of my native languages.

Learning through phrase books is actually quite good when you’re starting out in a language. I myself am a fan of phrasebooks when learning a language. While others might shy away from using phrasebooks for serious language learning, here are some reasons why I think phrase books are actually quite effective for language learning:

Firstly, you can be sure that the sentences they include in the phrase book are commonly used ones. Thus, there’s a good chance you can use the sentences you learn in real life situations. This makes studying the sentences in them very efficient.

Second, because a phrase book was most likely written by a native speaker, you can be sure that the sentences are correct in terms of grammar and idiomatic use.

Third, it cuts through complicated grammar rules and sentence structures. Phrasebooks just give you as much as you need to know to put in a good sentence or two at the right situation, quickly increasing your fluency.

Fourth, even as you become more advanced in your languages, phrasebooks are a great reference for set phrases as they are said in normal everyday situations.

So go ahead, download my free e-book.


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